an evening with Lee Gordon

2 years on from our launch we look back at some more of the talented people we have had the pleasure of working with.  We caught up with Lee Gordon (page 60 of curious) check out his most recent musical number below. Photography by Emma J Smith.


“I have been told, rather accusingly, that I have an ‘American’ sound. I don’t know why that is a bad thing! Growing up in the 90’s America led the way musically…”

a little peek back to an evening with Lee Gordon

 “Your debut single Beach House releases next month, can you tell us a bit about that? – Has it been a long process getting to this point?” 

Lee : “BEACH HOUSE was written on a rainy day at a beautiful house on the North Cornwall coast surrounded by my family and then pregnant wife. The sound of the ocean really influenced the style of guitar I wrote for this song, it rolls and repeats to give that sense of the water hitting the shore.

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